When you're driving down a county highway through the countryside on a fine summer day, you may never notice the gravel roads and trails that branch off into the fields and forests.

But where do these roads lead? Some of them inevitably arrive at someone's farm where the crops are ripe and the barn is painted. Then there are some roads that just end in a field or at the start of a forest path. These are the interesting roads. These are the roads that want to be remembered but currently are forgotten.

In southeastern Minnesota there is such a road that leads to a barren field. In winter the snow drifts across the glazed fields as if trying to dust away the years that have passed by. Once there was a house there. There was even a barn and a family. All of that is gone now, swallowed by time and trees. What remains are those who once knew who lived there, but eventually those living memories fade. In the end we are left with only photographs and maps.

Across the United States there is a history waiting to be documented, but right now it is scattered across thousands of maps and photographs aging in attics or withering away in antique shops, unmarked and discarded. Township History™ is an attempt to remember those who came before us so that when we travel down that gravel road or find that stone foundation in the woods, we might learn a little more about who put them there.